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This One's for the Boys

Hey boys. How is your face handsome? I’ve become aware of a shaving movement - a return to traditional shaving. Men are shaving like their grand daddies used to with brushes, straight razors, and real shaving soaps and creams. With 3 sons of my own, a husband, and, well, half the world’s population sporting the Y chromosome you’d think this would be old news but here I am, the newly enlightened. The driving philosophy of this old school shaving is one shared by us at ms.fresh: advertising and consumer culture has us convinced us that toxic goo in cans and disposable everything is the way to care for ourselves. This default way of thinking has become too automatic. I am so happy to hear that the boys are on board with the wellness rebellion. Let’s get fresh with skin nourishing goodness that won’t revoke the man card.

After asking my bearded buddies what they look for in facial care, I set out to make something that could soften wiry facial hair, eliminate dry skin, and leave a cool, clean finish. In trying to invent a product that would serve as a shaving lather, I accidently concocted a men’s moisturizing/after shave cream that is “a winner.” It didn’t lather like they wanted it to (back to the lab) but it “feels effing awesome” (said one guy’s wife). The dude liked it too. Yes, his face was BBS; game on. I use the same base as I do for any moisturizer: sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, cocoa butter, eo, but for him, I added Bay Rum for that antiseptic and cooling zip.

On to the beard oil. Boys, you’re getting older and scruffier and, although you wear it so well, the facial hair should not injure and offend. Three to four drops of this and your beard will be sexy, soft, and healthy leaving your skin straight up nourished. The scent is masculine - subtle Bay Rum, cedarwood, with a hint of pine. Mostly you’ll love the feel of argan oil, jojoba, coconut and almond oil.

I have to thank the men willing to let me rub their faces and pick their brains to get this info: Howie, Gordie, Todd, Dave. Your will work for beer attitude is inspiring. It was way more fun than talking about weight loss and period stuff - Lol. I have requests in for a working man’s hand repair lotion so I’m on it. I have some healing bentonite clay with which I am experimenting - hand jobs coming soon! Es todo.

~Jill ;) old school emoji ion the spirit of old school shaving.

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