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What Our Customers Say

Body Buttah'

  • "I had treatment resistant eczema that nothing touched until I used Body Buttah. This. Is. Amazing." -Kaitlin Mullin

  • "When I placed my order, I was suffering through a painful and itchy rash that my doctor thinks was poison ivy or similar.  Luckily, your magnesium scrub and body buttah arrived on the scene and I used both immediately.  I felt immediate relief from the crazy itching!  And then, within 24 hours, the rash started to fade away!  Seriously amazing!" -Christine Johnston

  • "I use Body Buttah to shave. I get an extremely close shave and my face is ridiculously smooth from it" -Chad Gould

  • "My husband had chemo induced psoriasis that no prescription cream was able to help. Body Buttah cleared it up in a few days. I am in awe. I will be a customer for life." -Barbara L., Middleboro MA

  • "I am obsessed with this product. I am going to send you before and after has really helped my eczema! Thank you for this amazing product." -Susie D. 

Anti-aging Rewind Balm 

  • "This is a miracle balm. I use it morning and night for a *glow* while it is so healing. - Meredith W., the HYE Life holistic wellness

  • "This is the best stuff I've ever put on my face and I am very knowledgeable about skin care and extremely picky." -Teresa F. 

  • "This is a miracle skin healer. Got a trouble spot? Put just a bit on it at bedtime and there will be noticeable improvement by morning." Lara B. 

  • "I can't believe how amazing my skin looks and feels. There is nothing like it - my skin hasn't been this healthy in my entire adult life." -Kathy C.

       Repair Care Balm

  • "I cannot recommend the Repair Care Balm enough. We've used it on bug bites, cuts, dry skin and are thrilled with the results. It is a staple in our house. - Christina Keefe

  • "...I have never had soft, smooth, pain free hands in the winter. Your product is a true gift. Every product I used would burn and sting...In only a week my hands are silky smooth and hydrated." - Cristina A. 

  • "Freaking amazing! I put this on at night and cover with cotton gloves and my raw, crocodile hands were baby soft and healed" - Katie L. 

Unbitten Tick, Mosquito, Insect Repellent

  • "Three days of camping and hiking in the woods and not one single bite" -Amy Gaudette

  • "We used Unbitten at an extremely buggy family reunion and it worked better than a commercial product that a cousin brought. - Susan Burns

  • "I can't stop telling people about Unbitten. It's all we use and it works to keep us bite free even when camping in the woods." -Terri K. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for help with any of our products or services. We guarantee a response as soon as possible.

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