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The Way you Make Feel...

You’ve tried the lip balm and loved it. The scrub made your skin glow - great. That bath bomb with your keeper obsidian apache tear has has left you relaxed, detoxed, and free of any and all negative energy. Now it’s time for your body buttah freshie. Did it go on “different?” OK. Wait for it...ahhh, it’s absorbing beautifully isn’t it? Let it melt into you. Fresh news: when you use organic body care products with skin revitalizing ingredients, you will notice that they feel different. And better; let’s talk about why.

First, most skin products contain two or more of “the dirty dozen” malicious molecules.

These tempting toxins will smell sexy for years. Therein lies the problem. No product absorbed by your body’s largest organ should have a shelf life longer than a Twinkie. You’ve gotta keep it fresh. The organic ingredients in our Body Buttah are 75% luxurious butter and 25% nourishing oils along with some natural stabilizers (tocopherol vitamin E oil and grapefruit seed oil) and essential oils with natural antibacterial properties whipped up to the consistency of a decadent dessert cream. You only need the tiniest morsel for this to be effective as it is concentrate but you’ll want to keep dipping in and massaging this gorgeous butter into your body once you feel those promised effects. It isn’t “greasy;” rather it is healing on a cellular level as the toxin free vitamin complexes, fatty acid, and minerals sink in, protect, and nourish. Once you get used to the texture and feel of an organic body regimen, you will notice that the need to slather on “creams” that squat on the outer layers of your skin crusting you over with decidedly unhelpful chemicals and scents will subside. You will want to use more, but you won’t need to because, just like alcohols and drugs, you’re better off without ;)

The best time for Body Buttah is just after a shower or tubby when your skin is moist (I still don’t get the problem with that word...) and most ready to absorb the nectar of nature but you can use it anytime really. I’ve created some duds in my lab of love and labor but I know what works and I think you’ll agree. Stay fresh and please let me know what you think - unless you think it sucks - then you need to keep that S@#! to yourself. JK. I’m like Alannis in the 90’s; I oughta know. Stay fresh!

~ms.fresh AKA Jill

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