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Hello from Aly

So you’ve just learned that your expensive moisturizer is drying out your skin? Damn. I’ve been there. My name is Alexandra. As a former lover of Bath and Bodyworks lotion, I used to wonder how my skin could possibly feel dry and oily at the same time. After my Godmother introduced me to her magical organic moisturizer I never questioned it again. It doesn’t take a scientist to deduct that we shouldn’t be putting substances that we can’t pronounce on our skin. After learning the horrors of the skin care industry and discussing at length the lies we as consumers are fed, I knew I wanted to be a part of ms.fresh.

Some background on me; I am a scorpio (so is my Godmother). We are known for being passionate which may explain our fervor for saving your skin. I am currently a senior in high school and plan on attending the University of Massachusetts Boston next fall. I have always been interested in holistic health and hope to somehow incorporate that into my studies. Over the past few years I have discovered the importance of yoga in my life. I encourage everybody to try it at least once, you’d be surprised at the variety of people who come to class. Yoga does not discriminate! I also love hiking, especially in New Hampshire. The mountains are my soul place.

I’m not judging my Blistex wearing friends (I actually am), but I believe that they deserve to know that their go-to balm contains Phenol. Phenol is considered toxic to the central nervous system and the heart; this common ingredient has been linked to coma and seizures. I’d rather have chapped lips. We, as consumers, are lead to believe that “medicated” balms like this are the perfect solution to dry lips when in actuality, our precious balms are hurting more than they are helping. Simplify. Ditch the chemicals. With only four ingredients, my lips have never looked and felt better than after I banished my brand name chapstick.

Blistex is just one example of a chemical concoction disguised as a remedy. Most every commercial skin care product contains the nasty stuff. I remember reading the ingredients on my Olay lotion and being horrified ( I began to read the labels on everything until I came to the conclusion that nothing was natural anymore. I believe my godmother said it best when she deemed ms.fresh “a rebellion” against the skin care industry and the lies that it spreads about health and beauty. Join the fight, you owe it to your body.

Peace out,


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