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Hello, it's me...

Hi, my name is Jill, biology teacher, researcher, mother of 4, and founder of I started making alternatives to unhealthy personal care products about 7 years ago after skimming some info you may have heard about those dangerous chemicals in our most intimate products. I learned about self regulation in the cosmetics industry that allows industrial chemical such as carcinogens, hormone disruptors, steroids, skin drying alcohols in our most trusted and intimate products. I’m a resourceful, DIY and organic kind of gal anyway so I sought a better way. The best thing about this little enlightenment is that the good stuff is not only safe and healthy, it works better! I’m a pragmatist after all, and definitely not willing to sacrifice certain aesthetic comforts.

As a science person, I know that saying something is chemical filled is not a condemning statement. In fact, everything in the world is a beautiful little arrangement of chemicals including the food and water on which we survive. Some classes of synthetic chemicals however, are a concern - especially chemicals that we use daily on our body’s largest organ, our skin. That includes the products marketed for babies and children. Well, forget that bulls@#!. Not for my family. Once you are woken up to an uncomfortable truth, you can’t just simply go back to sleep

So I started making mixing, melting, and blending. And over the years, it wasn’t always pretty. Before I run the blooper reel, I’d like to say that I started out as your average yoga pants wearing, Pinterest cruisin’, 30-something year old chica with children but this has evolved into a passionate research project where I have painstakingly applied the science to the care and keeping of us. I do solemnly promise that I have since refined and perfected all my methods and products and I know you’ll love the results but there was a lot of trial and error on the path (TMI alert): I once made a sugar scrub that caused a yeast infection, a body oil that went rancid in sunlight (I imagine dry roasted crap espresso would smell better than rancid oil - yikes), an anti aging balm that made me look like I was a 16 year old (with cystic acne), I lovingly crafted and hand whipped a lotion that my good friend said “smelled like mothballs cousin,” to highlight a few follies. I have sifted through what must be the entire Internet for you and experimented with every recipe humanly possible and lemme tell you - sometimes it is as easy as it looks (nailed it) but most of the time, some fine tuning was needed. When I say tried and true, I mean I have run human experiments on family and friends. As it turns out, they’re pretty honest and, personality flaws aside, I was able to fix what they didn’t like.

I buy my ingredients from well established and reputable companies that are certified organic and locally sourced when possible. My go-to companies for ingredients are Mountain Rose Herb Company out of Oregon and Wild Herb Soap Company in Arizona. All my containers are made of post consumer material, light blocking, high quality, plastic that can be recycled or reused. I aim to be kind to the environment and all things living. I always include a complete ingredient list just #soyouknow. The stuff you see for sale on my website is made to order to maximize shelf life. As of today, I am only offering a limited amount of products but I am interested in what you’d like to try. I’ve made everything from eczema cream to all purpose cleaners. I will likely offer more of those great things soon as folks tell me what they want. You can subscribe to my website to receive updates on new products. I love to hear from the newly enlightened

So you know: I believe we are the children of this culture of cleaner ways, of gentle rebellion crafted by the hands, hearts and minds of those about to affect change. As awareness of toxic ingredients flooding the wary consumer rises, we are in kind, doing what folks have done since the dawn of time as truth spread; we find solutions, innovate, and persevere. I’m working on it.



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