Organic Home and Body Care

~ Highest quality NON-TOXIC ingredients

~ Research based product development and testing

~ Safe and effective for all ages

  • Jill Sheridan, M.Ed, biology

  • education * empowerment * change




Ms.fresh was started by me, Jill Sheridan, M.Ed./biology, Mom of 4, bio/engineering teacher, and researcher. What began over a decade ago as a journey to heal my son’s “untreatable” eczema sparked an awareness of carcinogens, hormone disruptors, reproductive toxins, and pesticides we’d been slathering on our largest organ. I knew solutions had to come from real people wanting to affect change. Research provided perspective; I knew we were on the verge of a necessary paradigm shift when it came to how we thought of body and home care. With indoor air pollution, autoimmune disease, product allergies, asthma, and hormonal cancers on the rise, truth started to emerge with the empirical evidence to support it - ingredients do matter. 

At ms.fresh, the mission to is to educate and empower the choice makers. I found that many "organic" companies still knowingly used fragrances, undisclosed ingredients, and dangerous preservatives. Ms.fresh was started to provide affordable, safe swaps in a greenwashed world. Although we have grown faster than anticipated, we are absolutely committed to providing small batch solutions to toxic products. The best part about ms.fresh is that you won’t miss a thing because our products outperform their commercial counterparts every time. It is effective and safe for the baby, kids, mom and dad, grandparents - even the dog! Think of it as food for your skin. Let the healing begin.


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